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Windows 7 Tips and Tricks Webinars

PARKER, Colorado, February 1, 2010-Dawn Bjork Buzbee, The Software Pro and Microsoft Certified Trainer, announced the addition of Windows 7 training to her on-going webinar offerings. Attend webinars or web training on Microsoft Windows 7 to master the new Windows 7 Taskbar, manage files, folders, and Libraries, and learn new features.

Windows 7 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Windows 7 is new from the ground up. Whether you’re already using Windows 7 or planning on making the switch, be part of this webinar to uncover many of the ways Windows 7 is different from earlier versions. In this tips-packed webinar, you will learn techniques in Microsoft Windows 7 to customize and organize your work, and streamline your business productivity including:

Who Should Attend: This webinar is designed for anyone familiar with and comfortable working in Windows XP or Windows Vista who wants to upgrade to the new and improved features of Windows 7. Ideal for desktop/end users as well as IT support and help desk staff.

Join Dawn Bjork Buzbee, a popular software speaker, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) to discover what you need to know to easily make the switch to Windows 7. Find out how to easily work with the new and improved features in Windows 7. Click to for the current schedule of Windows 7 webinars.

About The Software Pro®

Dawn Bjork Buzbee, MCT, is The Software Pro® with over 20 years experience transforming geek speak into people friendly. A professional software speaker, trainer, consultant, and author, Dawn has helped more than 100,000 individuals to learn smart, easy, and productive ways to use software and technology. Dawn has also earned the distinctions of Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor, designations granted only to highly skilled professionals that demonstrate proven expertise in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, and Outlook. The Software Pro® is also recognized as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) and is a 100% woman-owned business. Dawn is also the author of 8 software learning books, the latest titles include "Outlook 2010 Tips, Tricks & Techniques", "What's New in Microsoft Office 2010?", and "Windows 7 Tips, Tricks & Techniques". Software tip sheets, how-to lessons, and expert advice are found at



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