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Stop Working So Hard with Microsoft Office!

How well are you really using Microsoft Office? Does it ever seem that Office is working against you? Do you feel like you are taking too many steps to get results? Even if you are an advanced user, do you wonder if you might be using the more complicated route to complete your projects? Would you like clear ways to customize and organize Office so that it is easier to move forward and more effective to use?

Discover 37+ Ways to Customize Microsoft Office 2003

With this book, explore more than 37 smart and easy tips to quickly customize Microsoft Office to save you steps now, stop automation features that take control of your work, and discover new approaches to help you start becoming even more productive with Microsoft Office even if you have been using it for years!

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Microsoft has spent a lot of time and research to determine what the default settings should be for each of the programs in Microsoft Office. That doesn't mean, however, that all of the default choices are the best for what YOU want to accomplish. In fact, some standard options can be downright frustrating!

  • More than 37 tips packed into a clear, easy to understand book that you can begin using today!
  • Over 45 pages of detailed steps loaded with screen shots, tricks, and insider secrets on how you can quickly and easily customize Microsoft Office 2003 to work for you!

Proven Advice to Save Time Customizing Microsoft Office 2003 -- By An Expert!

Are you spending too much time forcing your work to look the way that you want instead of the way that Microsoft "thinks" you want to work? The hidden secrets are now all revealed in one place! Find out tips, tricks, and tactics from a certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor to customize Microsoft Office to save time and avoid frustration!

  • Win the battle with Microsoft Word and stop fighting annoying automation that forces you into document choices that you don't want...
  • Tap into the options and tools that will help you simplify your work if you only knew where to find them...
  • Tell Excel how you want to see each new workbook by adding your own choices for formatting, layout, and even custom headers and footers...
  • Make Microsoft Outlook your digital assistant to sort and organize your email as it arrives...
  • Find out smart and easy tips to make your work look more professional...
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  • Speed up and enhance the layout of your PowerPoint presentation designs by mastering built-in layout tools...
  • Discover what you need to know to easily insert and move graphics in your big documents...
  • Find out how to create quick shortcuts to move to the locations that are most important to you...
  • Pick up the missing steps in Microsoft Office that will streamline your critical work...
  • Do you want to start now to be more productive?

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If you have the time to read through every important step for customizing in a giant, 1000+ page Microsoft Office manual, then you may not need this book. Smart people, however, turn to a certified Microsoft Office expert that knows the shortcuts and has done most of the work for them! For a fraction of the cost of one hour of my training and coaching time, you can finally discover many insider's secrets to help you to be more productive with Microsoft Office!

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