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Find Out How to Stop Struggling with Complicated Formatting!

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You Deserve to Know Easy Ways to Edit and Format Long Documents in Word 2007!

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Word 2007: How to Simplify Long or Complex Documents

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Parker, Colorado, USA
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Dear Friend,

Stop Fighting with Microsoft Word 2007!

Through the years, I’ve discovered even expert Word users are losing valuable time with the wrong approaches to their big projects. Don't become one of the thousands of horror stories told about wasted days and late nights struggling with a frustrating, complex document that seems to have a mind of its own!  After all, sometimes “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Have you ever felt this way?

The answers can be yours! I created this comprehensive guide for you and packed it full of valuable tips and tactics, and clear step-by-step techniques to help you to be more productive…and, hopefully, less stressed!

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Discover How to Simplify Long or Complex Documents in Word 2007

With this book, explore more than 67 smart and easy tips, proven techniques, and tactics to quickly edit and format documents in Microsoft Word 2007 to save you steps now, find out what you need to get started quicker, and discover new approaches to help you become even more productive with Microsoft Word 2007 even if you have been using it for years!

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Isabel Lafont-Howell
Senior Contract Administrator
Travelport Legal Department

Longer Documents Present Bigger Challenges to Business Applications

The more pages there are, the more details you have to keep track of, and the greater the chance specific pages, or even chapters, require separate formatting. Your need to amp up your Word 2007 talents and productivity is even stronger when you add in frequent edits, complex layout needs, and long document standards such as tables of contents and cross references.

How can you get started quicker and be more productive using Word 2007?

  • More than 67 tips and techniques packed into a clear, easy to understand book that you can begin using today!
  • Over 100 pages of detailed steps loaded with screen shots, tricks, and insider secrets on how you can quickly and easily begin to simplify your Word 2007 documents!

Proven Advice to Stop the Pain of Working with Word 2007 Documents -- By An Expert!

Are you spending too much time trying to find commands that you need? How can you make Word 2007 work for you and not against you?

The hidden secrets are now all revealed in one place! Find out tips, tactics, and timesavers from a certified Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) Instructor (Office 2007 & Windows Vista) and Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor to save time and avoid frustration when you are editing and formatting your important documents in Word 2007! Grab your own copy of the greatest gold mine of easy Word 2007 advice ever crammed into one book...

  • Discover hidden tips and shortcuts for quickly navigating through your documents...
  • Answer your questions about formatting and how you can take control of your big projects...
  • See how adding automation tools can upgrade your work and help you create great looking documents with ease...
  • Find out the secrets of section breaks so you can build complex documents in minutes...
  • Finally see how to combine portrait and landscape pages into one report.
  • Tap into the options and tools that will help you simplify your work if you only knew where to find them...
  • Stop fighting with a do-it-yourself table of contents by embracing the easy steps to build a table of contents and index automatically...
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  • Look inside to discover more than 67 ways to master large documents...
  • Explore shortcuts and how to customize your workspace to take advantage of the new Word 2007 interface even though your familiar toolbars are gone...
  • Breathe easy by seeing how built-in styles can create professional looking documents in minutes...
  • Expand your skills with smart and easy tips to make your work look more professional...
  • What everyone ought to know about managing new Word 2007 file formats...
  • Pick up the missing steps in Microsoft Office Word that will streamline your critical work...
  • Do you want to start now to be more productive?

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Every minute that you hesitate is costing you time and money!

If you have the time to read through every important step for working with Microsoft Office Word 2007 in a giant, 1000+ page manual, then you may not need this book. Smart people, however, turn to a certified Microsoft Office expert that knows the shortcuts and has done most of the work for them! For a fraction of the cost of one hour of my training and coaching time, you can finally discover many insider's secrets to help you to be more productive creating and editing documents with this latest version of Microsoft Word!

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